We are passionate about better beer and the artistic expression present in the creation of the many beers we have brewed at home. We want to create a wider network of friends, family, and local community who can enjoy our artisan beer. In order to create that network we need to brew more than the five-gallon amounts that we currently make on the stove at home. Our project is to buy all the necessary equipment and obtain all the proper licensing we need in order to artistically brew our beer in 60-gallon amounts, known as "Nano Brewing."

We love brewing and sharing our delicious beer, so much so that our friends and family are asking us to make more available to them. So that is exactly what we are planning to do. It is our goal to make some more friends in the process and keep brewing as the demand goes up and move our equipment into a space that could one day be called a brewery.

Wilderness Brewing Co. is an art project. It is no different than the creation of a fine painting; only, instead of a canvas we'll use a kettle. Instead of blending different shades of paint, we'll blend unique varieties of grains, hops, yeast, and water. Instead of staring at the finished work of art, you will drink it!

Please take time to watch our short film, as you will get a much better feel for what Wilderness Brewing Co. is all about.


Nate and Mike